Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jeff Interview: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Via @DirtyFrankDahmr and @allthatssacred:

"The first couple of times we went through it, Ed came up with something, then he went back in his little cave, came back out with fairly finished lyrics within an hour and -- presto! -- we had a song," Ament said.

"That's pretty much every song on the record got written. If Ed was inspired by the music, then the song happened really quickly. There really wasn't a whole ton of sitting on something for a long period of time and rewriting and rearranging. We must be getting better at collaborating." He credits the group's longevity to setting limits.


That was a big moment. "Now, we do 12 shows, take three weeks off, do another 12 shows, take three weeks off, go in the studio for 10 days and take a month off. It feels manageable.

"We've got a bunch of songs that we've started to write in the last three months, which is exciting. We still really love to make music with one another. It's always great to look forward to that next time that you're going to make a record or the next time you're going to go out and play some shows. . . . It's a great life."

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