Friday, June 11, 2010

Eat Pray Love

In an announcement that many hardcore fans are hoping is a practice joke, Entertainment Weekly reports that our favorite leaked track, Better Days, is Ed's contribution to the soundtrack for the upcoming movie, Eat Pray Love, based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Hooray for run-on sentences!

How about: It’s Eddie Vedder’s contribution to the Eat Pray Love soundtrack! A source close to the band has confirmed exclusively to that the track is a new original from Vedder, intended to play during this summer’s Julia Roberts-starring odyssey. Lyrics like “My love is saved for the universe, see me now I’m bursting / on one planet, so many turns, different worlds” would certainly seem to jive with Elizabeth Gilbert’s story of global self-discovery, and there’s an exotic edge to the instrumentation that could happily live in Italy, or India, or Indonesia. Eat Pray Love star Javier Bardem and Vedder are friends, which may explain Ed’s participation. And considering 7 million people or something bought Gilbert’s book, it’s a savvy involvement for anyone.