Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Future's Paved with Better Days

Well, the music is all over the web, so there's no point in pretending that this bell hasn't wrung.  

Tuesday night, an employee of Monkey Wrench Records named Pete, mistakenly posted a song on the label's website.  We know a little about it.  It appears to be an outtake from the 2002 studio session that gave birth to Riot Act.  Maybe it was too optimistic for that album, which is traditionally thought of as a darker, more somber album.  The recording, which features some fine harmonium work by, one must guess, Ed, appears to have been recently refreshed.  Is the band back in the studio?  Was this considered for the Christmas single?  Is Ed working on another solo album.  We can only look over the lyrics and speculate.

I feel part of the universe opened up to meet me.

My emotion so submerged, broken down to kneeling

once listening

voices they came

Had to somehow read myself

read myself

heard vibration within my cells

in my cells

Singing ah ah ah ah ah ah

My love is saved for the universe

See me now I'm bursting

On one planet so many turns

different worlds

singing ah ah ah ah ah ah

From my heart with discipline

Put there for the teaching

In my head see clouds of stairs

Help me as I'm reaching

The future's paved with better days

I'm running from something

I'm running towards the day

when i awake

I whisper once quiet

Now I'm rising to a scream

I am me.

I'm falling free fallin

World's calling me

Above my needs

I'm soaring 

And darlin', you'll be the one that I can need,


Be free

Our futures paved with better days