Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All That's Sacred, Episode #60

Episode #60 is now available.

The tour is over and it’s anyone’s guess how the guys will round out 2010. There are a few side project things rumored but nothing confirmed at this point save for Matt playing with Soundgarden at Lollapalooza on 8/8 and Jeff re-forming Deranged Diction for Missoula's Total Fest on 8/21. Speaking of live gigs, southern CA folks should be sure to check out original PJ drummer Dave Krusen’s first gig in 9 years with his band Unified Theory on 8/4 at the King King Hollywood.

A friendly reminder that Brad and Jack Irons have new albums dropping in August! Brad’s “Best Friends?” on 8/10 and Jack Irons’ “No Heads Are Better Than One” on 8/24 – both available through Ten Club.

As for today’s podcast, it’s going to be hard to top #59 which was undoubtedly the most popular episode to date. As such, I’m also kind of battling a cold today and so I kept the rebound with #60 pretty loose. I get a little help rounding out the show from two fellow fans Skyping in to share a story that speaks to the power of music and the connectivity of our fan community.

Thanks for tuning in and I hope you dig #60.

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