Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Best of the Oughts, Sweet Sixteen

The Avocado is OUT!  Binaural is clearly on top of this tournament.   The Best of the Oughts Tournament is down to the Sweet Sixteen.

 Will the ten-year anniversary of Roskilde give LBC the edge over fan-favorite Unthought Known?  Can Insignificance prove significant, or will Undone hold it together?  Will Parting Ways deal a deathblow to Fatal?  Only you can decide.  Vote now.

Light Years vs. Can't Keep

Insignificance vs. Undone

Love Boat Captain vs. Unthought Known

Fatal vs. Parting Ways

Nothing As It Seems vs. Down

Just Breathe vs. Grievance

Sleight of Hand vs. I Am Mine

Of The Girl vs. Sad