Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hootenanny for a Healthy Gulf 9.2.10

This morning iTunes released Brad's iTunes Sessions.  It's an 8-cut album currently available for $3.99 (in the US, I don't know about abroad).  Like their current shows, the sessions pull from their four-album catalog pretty evenly.

1. Screen (Shame)

2. Rush Hour (Best Friends?)

3. Bless Me Father (Best Friends?)

4. Never Let Each Other Down (Welcome to Discovery Park)

5. Candles (Interiors)

6. Oh My Goodness (Best Friends?)

7. Buttercup (Shame)

8. Takin' It Easy (Welcome to Discovery Park)

Also, if you RSVP at the WXPN website, you can check out a Brad six-song live set this Friday (October 8th) at noon (presumably Eastern Time, as the station is in Philadelphia).