Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TwoFeetThick: Music For Rhinos

Wow!  TwoFeetThick editor, Jessica Letkemann, has turned out a quintessential early history of Pearl Jam studded with awesome band quotes and rare memorabilia that she has collected over the years.  Check out her new 23-page mini-book, entitled Music For Rhinos: The making of Pearl Jam.

  • Ed’s long-lost band with a member of Rage Against The Machine
  • The Mother Love Bone riffs that survived to become Pearl Jam classics
  • Eddie explains making “Momma-Son”
  • The true story of Ed’s TWO “first weeks” in Seattle with Mookie Blaylock in October 1990
  • Cornell talks Temple of the Dog, and Stone divulges the Pearl Jam fan-favorite that almost had lyrics by Cornell
  • Stone, Jeff, and Eddie recalling the first show, first song, and first weeks