Friday, December 31, 2010

Ten Club Changes for 2011

At the 11th hour of 2010, Pearl Jam announces some ... we'll say "interesting" changes to the Ten Club.  Members will surely be split in our thoughts about these changes, but it's hard to say that analog memberships won't be getting more than $20 worth of goodies for the premium price.  It looks like the changes kick in when you renew your membership in 2011.

With Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary year upon us bringing lots of goodies to boot, Ten Club is excited to announce a new option-based fan club experience for your 2011 membership renewal. Starting January 1, 2011 Ten Club will offer two (2) levels of membership -- ANALOG and DIGITAL -- giving you the option to choose the membership format that best suits your lifestyle. While our hard core dedicated ANALOG Level collectors will have even more limited edition annual freebies to add to their archives, our DIGITAL Level members can look forward to the streamlined, paperless, no-postage-necessary, virtual-only experience. Now's the time to dig deep and ask yourself, "Am I Analog or Digital?"

The 2011 renewal option change will not affect your current membership benefits. All memberships purchased in 2010 will keep the same benefits until it's time for your 2011 renewal. At that point, you will get to choose one (1) of these renewal options:

  • Full Website Access
  • PJ Radio Access (Streaming only)
  • Holiday Single MP3
  • Deep Magazine PDF
  • Members-only Contest Eligibility
  • Members-only Merch Discount Events
  • Access to Members-only Merch
  • Access to Fan Club only Ticket pre-sales


  • Full Digital Membership
  • Free Bootleg Download (Coupon code included in the renewal confirmation email)
  • Limited Edition Vinyl 45 Holiday Single
  • Limited Edition Hard Copy of Deep Magazine
  • Limited Edition Ten Club T-Shirt (New Design Each Year sent at the Time of Renewal Purchase!)