Monday, August 22, 2011

59 Million Tweets and It's Just the Beginning

Did you win a poster in the scavenger hunt for the Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack tracklisting?  Twenty-nine people did.  58,999,971 people did not.  Turns out, in one of the most successful publicity stunts we've seen this band pull off, the scavenger hunt spurred 59 million tweets on twitter last week.
the campaign had quadrupled the number of Pearl Jam mentions on Twitter, reaching 5.9 million tweets globally, and drew over 65,000 views to the PJ20 website, making it Columbia's most-viewed page of the day, according to Columbia.

Look for the fun to continue September 1st:
On September 1, Pearl Jam's website will begin the PJ20 "Twenty Days" and unveil a new piece of content every day until the movie's release date on September 20. After a PJ20 Labor Day weekend mini-festival at Wisconsin's Alpine Valley, Pearl Jam will play a pair of shows in Toronto on September 11 and 12.