Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PJ20, There's an App for That!

For those of you who can wait no longer for next month's Destination Weekend, Sound Link Media has developed a free iPhone app to keep your spirits up.  It is not going to blow your mind by mapping the trip to whatever venue's Pearl Jam has played nearby or telling you the number of times that Ed has forgotten the lyrics to Satan's Bed, but what it will do is let you keep track of what's going on in East Troy on September 3rd and 4th.  By swinging the dial right to left, you can check in on what songs are being played and who is tweeting the #PJ20 hashtag (I expect everyone attending PJ20 to be using that hashtag to check in!).  And if you're lucky enough to be at the show, and you find the Ten Club's Concert Beacon to be a little lame, you can fire up your own PJ20 Flamethrower to wave in the air during Daughter.