Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jeff Ament - While My Heart Beats

Just as we were thinking that Jeff Ament would be the only member of Pearl Jam not touring alone in 2012, it looks like the promise of a second solo album will be coming true. 

There has been no word out of the Pearl Jam website, but Amazon and iTunes list the album, While My Heart Beats, with a release date of June 12th.  The previews at Amazon certainly confirm that this is new Jeff Ament material.  

UPDATE! You can now purchase the CD ($12 +S&H) or Vinyl ($20+S&H) from the Ten Club.


  1. Ulcers & the Apocalypse
  2. When the Fire Comes
  3. War in Your Eyes
  4. While My Heart Beats
  5. Shout and Repeat
  6. Give It a Name
  7. The Answers
  8. Time to Pay
  9. Take My Hand
  10. Down to Sleep
  11. Never Forget 

Both places have digital albums only, so maybe we'll be hearing about a physical sale soon.