Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome Back,

The wait is over ... returned to the worldwide web today with a couple of kinks and a couple of really nice additions.  As of today, you can now order Vault Release #2, a show at the Vic Theater in Chicago from 2007 in digital download or physical disc from Kufala.  There are several new products available:

They've also dug into Lance Mercer's closet to trick out the Media section with great pictures from the past 20 years.

We'll all be spending the next few days digging through the new website, and it's officially a Beta, so we're hoping more comes soon.  It looks like we're still missing a lot of setlists and members are complaining about log in/log out issues with the store.  We're hoping we see those issues resolved soon when this goes to production.


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  1. 10c still sucks. SkyIScrape laughable. Oh well. Can lead the horses to water but you cant make them drink. I did my best with what I had and what I was up against with no help from anyone. You know they all failed. Where it goes from here... making a difference its all up to you. In the world there is no such thing as just "I" we are all connected. My failure will be your failure. I once thought this band stood for something meaningful and game players part of helping change the world, idk I guess I was wrong. So disenchantment of all things I once held true to my heart and world continues. Too bad it has become because its quite a great loss.