Monday, July 9, 2012

Stone Talks Setlists

Original Photo by Karen Loria
Stone recently sat down with Total Guitar Magazine to discuss Pearl Jam's setlist process.  Those of you looking for a window into how the band decides what to play each night, might enjoy.
Do you and Mike take time to sit down together and go over new additions?

"Yes we have a 20 minute sessions backstage when we look at the setlist and say, 'Let's do that one again' and we have a stereo system that has all the Pearl Jam songs on it so we'll play along with that. But it's huge because when we first started out I would have probably been one of those people that thought, 'Let's just go out and play the hits - why play anything other?'

"But I think the band, particularly Jeff but I think Ed too, and ultimately me to some degree, as you get more songs we consistently work them in. Even the ones that didn't work so well. It's given us so much more room because our fans now expect nothing less than to have something very different each night.