Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jeff to Guerilla Candy: Everything You've Heard Means Nothing

There is some stuff that’s pretty well finished and sounds good right now, but who knows if that stuff is going to end up on the next record. We may get together this spring and come up 15 things that are better than that, and that’s the new record.

[ ... ]

If we don’t get together for the next three of four months it’s going to be a whole new batch of songs. Nobody ever really stops writing.
So, whatever you've heard about Album #10 could all be wrong by the end of 2013.  That's the word from Jeff's recent interview with Guerrilla Candy.  He also talked about how the band avoids becoming a "nostalgia band."
I think the reason we’ve never become a nostalgia band is because we’ve never gone three years or so without making a record. It’s been a little more than three years since we released a record this time around, but we’ve been in the studio four times since and we have a huge bunch of new ideas and songs. I think that as long as every six to nine months we go in the studio and write some new music, that keeps us out of the nostalgia conversation.

There are plenty of bands out there that haven’t made a record in ten years or fifteen years and are still out there touring telling people that they’ve been a band for twenty years. But I don’t know if that constitutes being a band for twenty years if you’ve only released three records. And that’s fine. There are plenty of bands that don’t make records very often that I will go see at the drop of a hat.
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