Monday, October 29, 2012

RNDM: Walking Through New York Video

Acts doesn't even hit stores until tomorrow, but RNDM has release their second video from the album.

You can also read Part 1 of a great Jeff Ament interview with Guerilla Candy
So how does the creative process with RNDM differ from the creative process with Pearl Jam?

With RNDM there was no history with the band. In fact, it wasn’t a band. It was just three guys getting together to do some recording. I think sometimes when you take that little bit of pressure away from a situation it really frees you up because there isn’t really anything there. There are no expectations. There’s nobody at the other end saying ‘Hey, when’s the record going to be done? Is it good enough to stand up to the rest of your catalog?’ I think sometimes that freedom can make it better because there’s no fear involved with any of it.

With Pearl Jam we have certain expectations with ourselves. We don’t want to do anything half-assed. You kind of want to your best foot forward. I have to say the last few times Pearl Jam has gone in the studio it’s been in a similar way. We knock out seven or eight ideas and everyone gets super-excited. Maybe we’re starting to get back to that way of making music. For a few records it was people bringing in complete demos and the band playing the demos.
Check out Walking Through New York on VEVO and pick up Acts where ever quality music is sold.