Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cold Confession and Let It Ride

Two demos, Cold Confession and Let It Ride, reportedly recorded during the sessions that led up to Pearl Jam's self-titled album have leaked to the Pearl Jam community.  PearlJamOnline.it lists both tracks in a session out of Studio X back in December of 2004.  That is the same session that gave us Of The Earth (which we're hoping to see on Lightning Bolt), as well as World Wide Suicide, Marker [in the Sand], Crapshoot Rapture (renamed Comatose) and two other songs, Armor and 2X4, which may have been renamed or may still be in limbo.

Cold Confession is a softer ballad while Let It Ride is a faster paced rocker, though not as much as you might suspect from the name.  You can debate the songs or possibly find a copy of the demos on our Forum, where the debate has been raging on for 12 hours and 15 pages.