Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Pearl Jam App

Their old app having fallen into an abyss of no updates, Pearl Jam has announced today that they have a new iPhone/iPad App.

We've yet to get in there and play with it, so Pearl Jam's description will have to do for now.  It's free (unless you want a lighter), so get in there and poke around.
Featuring a timeline history of the band going back almost twenty years that includes videos, photos, news, charity, tour info and much more.

Albums include song lists, lyrics, song info, and performance listing.

Get your Pearl Jam Tour tickets directly from the app before their all sold out!

Exclusive Pearl Jam merch available in the Shop with hundreds of items in easy to search categories.

Connect with Pearl Jam updates by quickly jumping between their official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube postings.

Finally, a Bonus Pack for you, the fan. Includes a digital version of the official Pearl Jam lighter, a Pearl Jam concert candle, and mobile backgrounds for your device.

Watch for more changes and updates during the tour!