Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2014, #2


In early 2005, word leaked from Studio X that Pearl Jam had some songs almost ready for their forthcoming (at the time, unnamed) eponymous album: 2X4, Of The Earth, Cold Confession, World Wide Suicide, Marker, Armor, Crapshoot Rapture, Let It Ride, and The Bigger The Wave.  Most of those songs, recorded the previous December, ended up on the album with edited titles, Of The Earth has popped up in concert,  and two more (Cold Confession & Let It Ride) leaked in demo form last year.

Just as we had given up hope on 2X4, an internet user, Anonymouse, leaked a huge collection of eleven demos from Pearl Jam.  Most of the songs from that December session and more from a March 2005 session were part of the package.

  • 2X4
  • The Only Cloud in the Sky
  • Life Wasted
  • Severed Hand
  • The Bigger the Wave
  • Open Door
  • Rearranged Furniture
  • Rearranged Priorities
  • 10 Billion Years
  • Lucky 13
  • Breeze in D
Some were early vocal rough cuts.  Some were instrumental.  All changed the idea of what kind of album Pearl Jam could have been.  It took only hours for the on-line community to start cutting the songs into the tracklist of the original album to recreate the feel, the flow, the magic of the original album.

With no major musical release from Pearl Jam in 2014, this signified the only real influx of new music, and it could be argued that it was even more exciting than the hard studied, studio-polished music that comes via the official pipeline.