Monday, December 22, 2014

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2014, #8


Pearl Jam fans rejoiced and Soundgarden fans cried when, in November 2013, Matt Cameron announced that Pearl Jam's touring schedule would not allow him to play drums for Soundgarden, so he was taking the year off from that band to focus on Pearl Jam's world tour.

The impact of this announcement became even more dire when Soundgarden announced their intent to reissue Superunknown in a massive, super deluxe package.

Enter Matt.  Matt Chamberlain.  Known to Pearl Jam fans for his two months of drumming for the band, Matt was a great choice to step in for Cameron. 

Although Matt Cameron made several appearances with Soundgarden in 2014 and spent time working on the b-sides release, Echo of Miles, it was Chamberlain that carried the band through their tour.