Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crowdfunded Pearl Jam Show "Unlikely to Happen"

Although they remain (naively) optimistic, Pearl Jam fans that have been raising funds via Tilt to fund a show at Forest Hills in Queens were dealt a hard blow this week as Pearl Jam manager, Kelly Curtis, told The Village Voice that Pearl Jam is unlikely to ever play a crowd funded show.
We love the passion and enthusiasm of the fans who have spearheaded Pearl Jam Crowdfund efforts.  However, with more and more of these crowdfunded show proposals cropping up, we want to be clear before fans invest their earned money into these efforts that they are unlikely to happen.

The band's shows are booked through their management and touring agents. A lot goes into scheduling, routing, producing, and promoting safe and successful shows for our fans. We will continue to rely on our experts in the field to ensure this remains the case for the band's future tours.
Daniel Sheffer, the organizer behind the Forest Hills effort, says that falls short of a "hard no," and that they will continue working toward a show.  We wish them good luck, but is it ethical to keep fundraising for the remote possibility of a such an event?