Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pearl Jam March Madness: DO THE EVOLUTION Wins!

It was a long, hard road for our champion.  After annihilating Whale Song, can't Keep, Fatal, and In Hiding our champion barely beat Brain of J and lost to Faithfull by 1 vote in the final match of regular season play.  But Do the Evolution earned a spot in the final 16, where triumphed in close matches over former champions Immortality (2 votes) and Corduroy (7 votes).  The semifinals saw a rematch against Faithfull, with Do the Evolution winning handily the second time around. Last Exit was the arguable favorite going into the finals, but in a breathtakingly close matchup Do the Evolution triumphed 40-39, becoming the first Yield champion in the history of the REAL pearl jam march madness. 

Congratulations Do the Evolution, our 2015 winner!


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