Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Two McCready-Scored Movies Coming to the Screen

TOMGIRL - TRAILER from Two Dollars Please on Vimeo.

According to the Ten Club, two films scored by Mike McCready, Tomgirl and The Glamour & the Squalor, will be premiering at this year's Seattle Independent Film Festival (May 14 - June 7).

The Glamour & The Squalor - 2 Minute Teaser from The Glamour & The Squalor on Vimeo.

The specifics are below:
Tomgirl, a short film directed by Jeremy Lynch, follows the story of a gender non-conforming seven-year-old, Jake. The screening will be held on May 24th at the SIFF Cinema Uptown (you can purchase tickets here). Check out the trailer here:

Mike also scored the Marq Evans directed documentary, The Glamour and the Squalor, which will premiere June 3rd at the Egyptian Theater. Seattle DJ Marco Collins stars in this unflinching documentary about media fame and addiction, which tracks his rise, fall, and resurrection as an influential promoter of alternative rock and electronic dance music. Check out the trailer here:

The premiere of The Glamour and the Squalor will be followed by a live concert featuring great local bands at Neumos in Seattle. You can purchase tickets to that event here.
Information about premieres in other cities or wider release can be found here for Tomgirl or here for The Glamour & The Squalor.


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