Sunday, May 10, 2015

Vault #5: Las Vegas 1993

For the next Pearl Jam Vault Release, the band has gone back to what was originally Vault #1, the Las Vegas show on November 30th, 1993.  Back in their Basecamp days Pearl Jam made this show available as a digital download, for what, at the time was expected to be a wide-ranging vault program.  

Since then they've slowed the release of Vault shows to once a year, and fans of this show were left with nothing but an ACTUAL bootleg, an off-brand white vinyl of the show.

Like their previous vault releases, fans can pre-order ONE vinyl boxed set for $50 + $12 domestic S&H.  CD copies will follow later, presumably.

A quick view of the setlist seems to check out except for the removal of a cover of My Way (popularized by Elvis Presley & Frank Sinatra) with Terry Presley, which finished off the show and was featured on the 1995 Fan Club Single.