Friday, July 1, 2016

Pearl Jam, Live at Third Man Records

Holy @#$%!!  Third Man Records and Pearl Jam are offering a beautiful package in honor of Pearl Jam's June 9th performance in Nashville.  Fans who sign up for TMR's Platinum Vault Subscription service (a $60 service) by July 31st will be treated some some amazing Pearl Jam goodies.
  • a black-and-gold, split-colored vinyl version of Pearl Jam's set packaged in a custom jacket
    • Interstellar Overdrive, Corduroy, Pendulum, Mind Your Manners, 1/2 Full, Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted, Deep, Of The Earth, Hard To Imagine, Let Me Sleep
  • a 7" clear vinyl recording of Eddie Vedder singing Out of Sand
  • a 9"X 6" hardcover photo collection
  • a 1" Pearl Jam/Third Man metal lapel pin
  • a 3" Pearl Jam/Third Man patch
Here is the full description from Third Man Records, in case all of that didn't get you excited.
On June 9th, 2016, Third Man Records was humbled to welcome Pearl Jam for a performance in our Nashville Blue Room live venue. Kept secret until the absolute last moment, the crowd of only 250 included lucky Ten Club members, mayors, NBA superstars, country music royalty, and possibly even a few stowaways. To call it a "warm-up” for their headlining set at Bonnaroo two nights later would be to vastly undervalue the evening. The band tore through a clutch collection of songs that spanned both deep cuts and fan favorites. A classic like “Deep” from Ten sits comfortably next to “Life Wasted” from their self-titled album Pearl Jam, and set-closer “Let Me Sleep” was originally recorded in 1990 (and was the band’s first-ever Ten Club release). The highlight of the performance came when Pearl Jam invited Jack White and his guitar to the stage to join on a song that clocked in at over seven minutes and featured wild dueling solos between White and Mike McCready, this epic performance left every mouth in the audience agape and every face on stage all smiles. Those seven minutes were truly some of the most memorable and historic in seven years since the Blue Room opened its doors.