Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Mike McCready 1959 Les Paul Standard

For those of you with an extra $11,500 laying around, Gibson is releasing a Mike McCready Les Paul.
Gibson Custom is proud to announce the Limited release of 50 signed Mike McCready 1959 Les Paul Standards in true historic spec. A 1959 Les Paul that's still in active use on tour and in the studio is a rare gem in its own right. One with a provenance that stretches from Seattle to Belfast and back, in the hands and woven into the tapestry of genre-defining music, is a bona fide once-in-a-lifetime guitar. The Mike McCready 1959 Les Paul is a hands-on replica of one of the most interesting original Les Pauls we've ever had the pleasure to collaborate on, produced with exacting analysis of the original to re-create its look, sound and feel to the Nth degree. Add to its unique backstory, a cutting, crisp and aggressive tone with a lifetime of battle on display in its well-worn finish, and a neck feel that simply says "let's play," and you have a guitar that's irresistible.

  • Binding and Plastics: True Historic plastics for total accuracy
  • Neck: Double-carved to match the original '59 profile
  • Finish: Thin, wet-sanded nitrocellulose lacquer
  • Pickup Covers: Period-correct PAF pickup covers
  • Fingerboard Binding: Rolled for a comfortable vintage-like playing feel
  • Hand Aged: Matches every detail of the original
  • Top: Double-carved top arch
  • Neck and Body: Genuine hot-hide glue construction
  • Pickups: Custom Buckers