Friday, September 30, 2016

Mike Watt's 1995 Ring Spiel Tour Coming to LP and CD

NY-Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings have announced that they will be releasing a double album of Mike Watt's 1995 "Ring Spiel" Tour on November 11th.  The set will features Watt's May 6th, 1995 show at The Metro in Chicago, where he was backed by Eddie Vedder and Foo Fighters, David Grohl, Pat Smear, and William Goldsmith.

The album will be available in digital format, CD, double LP, and a limited edition orange colored vinyl set.  The first three formats are currently available for pre-purchase on Amazon.

Here's the endorsement of the label:

In March 1995, Columbia Records announced that Watt would be hitting the road for the first time as a solo artist. Members of opening bands Hovercraft and Foo Fighters –Vedder, Grohl, Smear and drummer William Goldsmith–joined headliner Watt on-stage as eager participants of the jaw-dropping back-up band heard on the “ring spiel” tour ’95 album.

Watt’s relentlessly energetic set at The Metro on May 6, 1995 is an astonishing sonic time machine, catapulting the listener back to that historic gig, with Watt and his fired-up and raw back-up squad, the musical lineup constantly shifting between performances to accommodate the different feel and shape of each song.

The Tracklist will include:

1. Walking the Cow (Daniel Johnson cover)
2. Brain Train (Chip + Tony Kinman cover)
3. Formal Introduction
4. Against the 70's
5. Drove Up from Pedro
6. Habit (early performance of Eddie Vedder composition)
7. Makin' the Freeway
8. Chinese Firedrill
9. Piss-Bottle Man
10. Forever ... One Reporter's Opinion

11. E-Ticket Ride
12. Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing
13. Coincidence Is Either Hit or Miss
14. The Red and the Black (Blue Öyster Cult cover)
15. Garden Song (Madonna cover)
16. Powerful Hankerin'