Friday, October 7, 2016

Soundgarden Reissues Badmotofinger

Soundgarden is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Badmotofinger with the release of four special edition reissues.  Very similar to recent reissues by the bands we love, they are offering: 

  • The Super Deluxe Edition ($149.99) - Remastered album, bonus disc of outtakes, 2CDs of the March 6, 1992 show, DVD of tat same show, DVD of Motovision, BluRay Audio Disc of the album and b-sides, Revolving Badmotofinger Icon Box, 52-page Book, collectible prints, stickers, and patch (and a chance to win a 7-inch record and collectible 7-inch hole adapter)
  • 2LP Black Vinyl ($27.99) - Newly remastered album, with Side D "25th Anniversary Vinyl Etching"
  • 2CD Deluxe Edition ($18.99) - Remastered album plus a disc of studio outtakes
  • Anniversary CD ($12.99) - Newly remastered album
Check the official announcement for the complete tracklisting for all four editions.