Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pearl Jam March Madness 2017

In honor of Pearl Jam's introduction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Red Mosquito is proud to present its most complicated March Madness ever* - a tournament so INSANE we can't even link a bracket until we are 20 days in!

The qualifying rounds: March 6th to March 26th. 210 songs will compete for 24 spots to join our previous 8 winners in our 32 entry finals tournament. It's madness!

The songs from each of the 10 studio albums will face the other songs on their albums in a series of 10 micro-tournaments to determine which two songs from each album will enter the finals tournament. The 88 non-album tracks will fight for four spots in an 11th not so micro tournament.

Most early rounds are DOUBLE ELIMINATION, but not always!

New matches EVERY DAY, except Saturdays and Sundays are one day, until we start going to two days per match

Rounds will generally close out/begin between 8-9 PM.  Hurry, before Pearl Jam creates their own, lame tournament at where Black gets a guaranteed win.

Previous winners can be checked out here.

*Will still be easier to follow than the Game of Thrones tournament.