Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pearl Jam March Madness

After a harrowing 22 days of preliminary matchups we have our top 32.

Past Winners:  I Got Shit, Corduroy, Immortality, Black, Tremor Christ, Insignificance, Do the Evolution, Hail Hail

Preliminary Album Winners:   Release, Go, Last Exit, In My Tree, Brain of J, Sleight of Hand, Cropduster, Parachutes, Johnny Guitar, Pendulum, Long Road

Runners Up:  Alive, Animal, Not For You, Off He Goes, No Way, Rival, You Are, Unemployable, Force of Nature, Getaway, Sad, Fatal, Strangest Tribe

 Round 1a (voting closes 3/27)

1.  Immortality vs. Getaway
2.  Cropduster vs. Parachutes
3.  Hail Hail vs. Not For You
4.  In My Tree vs. Sad
5.  Tremor Christ vs. You Are
6.  Sleight of Hand vs. Alive
7.  I Got Shit vs. Strangest Tribe
8.  Brain of J vs. Animal

 Round 1b (voting closes 3/28)

9.  Corduroy vs. Force of Nature
10. Long Road vs. Johnny Guitar
11. Insignificance vs. Fatal
12. Last Exit vs. No Way
13. Black vs. Unemployable
14. Release vs. Pendulum
15. Do the Evolution vs. Off He Goes
16. Go vs. Rival

Join us in the Red Mosquito March Madness Forum to vote for your favorites.