Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Top 5 Pearl Jam Moments of 2019 #1

#1, Record Store Day

Pearl Jam hadn't dropped vinyl on Record Store Day as a band for several years, but our patience was rewarded in 2019 with a pair of classic shows after Pearl Jam was declared the 2019 Record Store Day Ambassadors.  Sure, both shows have previously been released in other formats, but this was the first time on vinyl for both.

First, was their 2005 Record Store Day performance at Easy Street Records in Seattle, previously released as an EP on CD.  This year is was available in record stores on vinyl, and via the Ten Club on red vinyl.

Then, later, in November, we were treated to their 1992 MTV Unplugged performance.  Both are great, iconic shows, and even though neither record is a full show (Easy Street is a sampling of the show, and Unplugged is the missing the Rockin' in the Free World encore), both are great collectibles worth visiting your turntable for often in the coming year as you wait for Album #11.