Saturday, December 28, 2019

Top 5 Pearl Jam Moments of 2019 #5

I hate to admit that there are not 10 great moments to celebrate in 2019, but let's be honest, Pearl Jam played zero shows and released zero new music in 2019.  In a year when there were no major appearances by the band, and they stayed sequestered, possibly, working on a new album for 2020, here is what we've come up with to celebrate.

#5, Infinite Color and Sound

If you were a fan of Mike McCready's 2018 project with Kate Neckel blending Mike's trippy sonic creations with Kate's performance art, you had a chance to catch entirely new live creations in Seattle, New York, and New Jersey in 2019 as the show went on tour. 

You also had a chance to collect three 7-inch vinyls of the music at the Ten Club. 

Now, however, your only chance is the sample below, put out by HockeyTalkter Records.