Monday, January 13, 2020

Pearl Jam's New Album, Gigaton, Available on March 27th

Pearl Jam has announced that their 11th studio album, titled Gigaton, will be available starting March 27th.  This time around, they worked with a new producer, Josh Evans, who has done some engineering work for Soundgarden, a few Pearl Jam side projects, and even played guitar on Pearl Jam's last album, Lightning Bolt.  His production skills are largely untested, so we expect an interesting new direction with this album.

The first single, Dance of the Clairvoyants, is upcoming.  

You can pre-order the album on vinyl ($35 + $12 domestic S&H) or CD ($16 + $6 domestic S&H) and a 7" of Dance of the Clairvoyants ($10 + $6 domestic S&H) on Pearl Jam's website.