Friday, March 27, 2020

Gigaton: Track-By-Track with Josh Evans

Variety published an amazing interview with Josh Evans where he breaks down Gigaton, track-by-track in amazing detail.  If you're listening to Gigaton today, you MUST read this article while you do.
“The mission statement for the record was, if it sounds good and feels good, go with it,” he says. “Nobody was like, how come the first verse doesn’t sound like the second verse? It was a real playful experience of going down different roads and seeing what happens.”
The interview even includes the most important question that we ask EVERY album.
Did you finish any other songs during the recording sessions? 
They’re always working on something. It’s hard to say, because it’s not really done until it’s out. There are all kinds of things sitting on hard drives — from pieces of ideas to something one of the guys might consider a finished song. As far as mixing the record, these were the only 12 songs we mixed. Sometimes you have to capture these moments. If “River Cross” had sat around for another four years in its two-thirds-finished state, it probably never would have gotten finished, because the world would have changed. Creatively, they’re looking forward right now — that’s what’s exciting for them.