Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Artwork Leak for Gigaton II?

Lost Humans cover art, with a flat-lining EKG?

Last night, one of our Australian members received some mock-up artwork from a a source close to Pearl Jam.  Based on information from the source, this is an on-going project that may be under consideration due to COVID-19 and the "Stay At Home" orders that have postponed Pearl Jam's North American Tour and kept the band in isolation from each other.

The files came with the name, Gigaton II: Lost Humans.  This is, no doubt, a working title, but it may be a play on Lost Dogs, the previous collection of b-sides by the band, released in 2003.

Reversed imagery from the spine of Gigaton?
There certainly is no shortage of demo material that has leaked since 2003 and a few songs have dropped onto Fan Club singles, soundtracks, and compilations.  Is there second collection of b-sides on their way to us?  Is there a sequel of Gigaton in the works already?  Sadly, we're left only with questions and a couple of poorly-cared for jpeg files.