Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Top Ten Pearl Jam Performances of 2020, #2

 #2, ATLANTA 1994

One more time, Pearl Jam delved into the past and brought amazing music back to those of us suffering in 2020.

On December 10th, Pearl Jam announced that they would be giving their whole fan club a release of the April 3rd, 1994 show at Fox Theater in Atlanta.  Fans had been trading this show for decades or if you were particularly dedicated you could collect several versions of the Dissident single and put them together into a cut-up, out-of-order version of the show.

Once that version of Sonic Reducer convinces you that you MUST own the show, you can buy it at the Ten Club as a digital download or CD.  They are calling it "Vault #11," so we hold on to a bit of hope that we may see this in vinyl in 2021.