Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Top Ten Pearl Jam Performances of 2020, #10

 2020 is a year that changed everything for music fans, and it's going to call for a new way of looking back on the year.  Pearl Jam DID create some newsworthy moments this year, but since they had to get creative in how they "performed" for us, we're going to get creative in how we look back on it.

Instead of the Top Ten Pearl Jam MOMENTS of the year, let's look back on the Top Ten Pearl Jam PERFORMANCES!


Pearl Jam released several remastered live shows on video via Nugs' streaming service, Nugs.tv.  All of them mixed for surround sound by Gigaton producer, Josh Evans, and edited by Kevin Shuss.  The performances were all great, but fans seem to agree that 2018's show in Rome is a thing of beauty.

As it stands, these are limited-time, pay-per-view events, but keep looking for more great shows to pop-up, even after Pearl Jam heads back out on the road.