Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Lost Dogs: Conclusion



So to sum it all up. The band looked back at their career twice. In 2003-2004 they released Lost Dogs and a greatest hits record. And in 2009-2011 they released some deluxe remasters and a movie. It is 2021 and they have just released and amazing new record, their first in almost seven years.  It is time to look back once more. And opening the vault for Lost Dogs 2 would be the most welcome way!


The following tracks were not compiled on Lost Dogs:

Angel, Leatherman, Last Soldier*, Out of my mind*, Happy When I’m Crying, Falling Down*, Sunburn^ Chinese, Brother, Just A Girl, I’m Still here^,  Puzzles and Games^, Anything in Between(instr.)^, Wishing well~, I’ve got a Feeling~, Touch me I’m Sick~, Sonic Reducer~, Crazy Mary~.

Released/played/leaked since 2003:


Get it Back, Olé, Can’t Deny Me, Cold Confession^, Let it Ride^, Of the Earth*, 2x4(instr.), 10 billion years, Santa Cruz, Santa God, Turning Myst, Better Things~, Love Reign O'me~, Again Today~, CreadyStomp


Original songs that are still in the vaults. But have been proven to exist, even though we do not know if it’s finished song.

Eastern Beatles, Black Eye, I Won’t, Baba O’Riley~, Owner of the Lonely Heart~, Leatherman II#,

On some sites you can find PJ’s recording sessions history. Some song titles can be found on those lists but they are mostly rumored and could be false since we don’t have sources. We do have sources for song titles like:

The Big word, The Morning Song (confirmed as: In Hiding), No cursing, Your Face (confirmed as: ‘all those yesterdays), Smoke ring, Fallen (Falling Down??).

That’s an impressive list. And who knows what else they have left in those vaults.  It’s really time for a Lost Dogs II release. And this time around it can be even more than a double disc!


* = played live

^ = leaked

# = Mentioned

~ = Cover