Sunday, April 11, 2021

Pearl Jam March Madness: The Final Four

Pearl Jam March Madness has entered the Final Four.  Go vs. Last Exit and Corduroy vs. Hail Hail

The Road to the Semis 

Go: Bye, Alive, You Are, Jeremy, Black, Rearview Mirror Last Exit: Dirty Frank, Puzzles and Games, Release, All Those Yesterday’s, Do the Evolution, In My Tree

Hail Hail: Brother, Of the Girl, Wash, Daughter, Long Road, Sleight of Hand Corduroy: State of Love and Trust, Alright, Last Soldier, Take the Long Way, No Way, Insignificance

Go really ran a gauntlet of their best early work. Other than You Are I voted against it in every round it seems. Yet I do love this song. It just lacks the emotional and lyrical complexity of their best work of that era. Last Exit had to mow down two former champs to get here, but probably had a slightly easier bracket.

Hail Hail had a fairly easy time getting here. Daughter, Long Road, and SoH osometimes make it to the QFs but rarely farther

Corduroy may have had it even easier until Insignificance, though SOLAT is a rough first round and No Way usually does well.

Go and Last Exit had a much harder bracket I think.

Now you can decide which songs are worthy to battle it out in the Finals.  Vote for your favorites today in our March Madness Forum.