Friday, July 9, 2021

I Should Be Outside - Full Tracklisting

A bit of guessing here, but it seems like we have the full tracklist for Jeff Ament's upcoming solo album, I Should Be Outside.  The Ten Club will be releasing a newsletter tomorrow (with pre-sale info?) and "Until We Meet Again" sounds like an album closer.

It looks like, from the descriptions on Ament's Instagram posts that this will be, at least in part, a cover/tribute album.  Some of the songs, The Unheard Music (X) and 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago), are covers, but in others, Insect of Someone Else's Thought, Chairman, and Freedom, he strongly references the work of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and Devo without specifically lifting the song title.
I don’t really believe this, but if you make it past 50, your life should really be a tribute to all the important people and creatures that got you here. So in a sense, you will meet their energy again. #fortheones *this: the western religion of “we’ll all be together having a picnic in the clouds, or burning in one of the seven circles of eternal flame.” It’s an individual trip, no judgment, no righteousness, no evangelism. #flexyourhead
Hopefully, we'll know more tomorrow! 

1. I Hear Ya
2. Bandwidth
3. Insect of Someone Else's Thought (Lou Reed tribute?)
4. Mind Eraser
5. The Unheard Music (X cover)
6. Be a Rainbow
7. Tell the Barber
8. Chairman (Iggy Pop tribute?)
9. 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago cover)
10. Freedom (Devo tribute?)
11. Until We Meet Again (Minor Threat tribute?)