Thursday, July 1, 2021

Pearl Jam Funko Pop!aPalooza


Pearl Jam and Funko Pop! have announced the pre-sale of their Pearl Jam 5-pack Funko Pop! collectible figurines.  You can order a box for $50 (+ $8 domestic S&H) directly from the Ten Club right now (They've been up for 2 hours and haven't even sold out!).  The website says, "We have reserved an amount from Funko, this presale may sell out. This is NOT an open ended presale where units are made to order. This is NOT a 10c Exclusive. Buy directly from the band," so you can expect these to go up at other outlets soon.

The band looks dressed right out of the Ten era, including Matt Cameron, who was in Soundgarden at the time, and didn't join the band until 1998 for the Yield Tour, but ... y'know, decisions must be made.