Sunday, December 18, 2022

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2022, #10


It appears as though Pearl Jam ceased sales of their custom masks a little to early.  Though it wasn't all caused by COVID, and it wasn't as extensive as 2020, show cancellation continued to plague Pearl Jam in 2022.

Problems started with Sacramento and Las Vegas when Jeff Ament came down with COVID-19 during the first leg of Pearl Jam's North American Tour.  They had already been using fill in drummers (more on that later), but the loss of a bassist was too much.

Then, air pollution from wildfires in France damaged Eddie's vocal cords, leading to the loss of three shows in a row from the European leg, Vienna, Prague, and one of the Amsterdam shows.

Although leg two of the North American tour stayed intact, Eddie and Painted Shield were forced to cancel the Encore weekend of the Ohana Festival due to lack of interest.

2022 was definitely the return of the Pearl Jam Tour, but it was also a year of what could have been.