Monday, December 26, 2022

Top Ten Pearl Jam Moments of 2022, #4


Though it was filled with ups and downs, it's hard to be sad about Pearl Jam finally hitting the road for a proper tour in 2022.  Officially, this was the Gigaton Tour, but you'll find the band played a lot less of that album than you would expect from a supporting tour.  Since the album was already two years old when the tour started, that's understandable.  Still, given reception from fans, you can expect Dance of the ClairvoyantsWho Ever Said, and Quick Escape to be regular occurrences in playlists from here on out.

What a roller coaster!  The tour seemed held together with duct tape and wire though California while COVID swept through the band until it eventually forced cancellations.  The band came back together in Europe building up to some amazing shows in the UK before Ed wrecked his voice in France.  Do we comment on the fact that climate change destroyed the tour that was supporting an album themed around climate change?

Coming back to North America, Pearl Jam introduced a 5-song slow intro to their shows that blew fans' minds and dusted off rarities like Other Side, Yellow Moon, Wash, and Sleight of Hand.  They battled technical difficulties at a historic show at the Apollo in New York, and played a show outside Philadelphia that could have almost occurred in 1995, shaking off modern hits for a deep dive into the catalog.

Even as they show signs of age with shorter sets, there was enough innovation this year to keep us salivating for a 2023 Tour!