Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All That's Sacred, Episode #77

One thing I love about music is its ability to inspire a myriad of emotions: happiness, excitement, affection, anger, resolve, you could go on and on... But I think the one thing that sets music apart from all other artforms is its ability to heal and empathize when you are struggling and in a dark place. Somehow knowing that another has walked a similar path can be of great comfort.

Today's ATS was motivated by a letter from an old friend congratulating me on my return to the podcast and commiserating about the current job market. At one point in the letter, he joked that maybe I should do an unemployment-themed podcast someday. Given the origins of ATS, I thought this was an idea worth pursuing. These musical expressions on #77 have always helped me process things mentally and emotionally and have been great friends to me over the years.