Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eddie Vedder US Tour Rumor

We've mumbled about the uke album.  We've mumbled about the DVD.  Now we mumble about the US Tour.

Guerilla Candy has whet our appetite.

The last bit of today’s trifecta of speculation also comes from the band’s message boards where one poster mentions that Philadelphia 76ers announcer Matt Cord said Eddie would be playing in Philly in June at Pennsylvania’s Tower Theater. If this is true it’s safe to assume the show would be part of a U.S. tour since Vedder is touring Australia, and hopefully that tour will include a gig in Seattle so Eddie can finally play his first official solo show in the city where he lives.

1 comment:

  1. first official Seattle show? correct...
    why doesn't anyone talk about the 2 secret shows at Kenyon Hall in Feb. '08? oh right, there was like 50 people there and I wasn't one of them.