Monday, July 11, 2011

Two PJ20 Tracks Revealed

It's just a tiny bit of news, but it's been a slow week, so we'll go ahead and drool on it.  Cameron Crowe posted this photo of his soundtrack notes.

What is there to know?  Well, it seems to confirm Nothing As It Seems and Not For You for the soundtrack, but we don't know if these are studio cuts, demos, alternative takes, and/or live songs.  In fact, maybe these are notes about why he chose NOT to include these songs.  Who knows.  He's obviously teasing us by covering notes with a pencil and a CD case, so we're meant to be desperately wanting more.

And we do.  So, we scour these notes and find the phrase "and appears in the next disc."  Is this a hint of a double album soundtrack?  Perhaps.  Perhaps.

Add this to your lack of knowledge ... Cameron Crowe also lists "PJ 20 Book/Soundtrk" on his official calendar for September 12th.  This is a Monday, and these sorts of things usually release on Tuesdays, so ... well, do with that info what you will.