Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who Was @PearlJamTwenty ?

UPDATE: @PearlJamTwenty appears to have made what is his or her final tweet. "Bye." And the account has been scrubbed of any mega-upload links.

Certainly, we know the answer to "What is Pearl Jam Twenty?" but what of this twitter account that has the entire Pearl Jam universe thrown into a tizzy?  You know the one.  He or she was leaking Eddie Vedder acoustic tracks and never-before-heard Mookie Blalock demos.  The band appears to have successfully stopped the tweeter from spreading the Jam and shut down recordings on YouTube.

The fans seem to have no idea who was behind this account.  At least one member of our forum claims to have had the songs on a tape given to them by the band member, but even that claim goes unverified.

We can't even tell you when this Mookie Blalock demo was recorded.  It claims to be the "Mookie Blalock's FIRST" demo, but it's dated well after demos with verifiable dates.

Demos and tapes have been shuffling around the PJ-o-sphere while the band, Monkeywrench Records, the Ten Club, and Vinyl Film work to celebrate the band we all love.  Who knows what has fallen into the wrong (or is it the right) hands.  Hopefully, we'll find out what these songs were, if not also who was the saint who brought them to us.