Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best Pearl Jam Songs of All Time

Pearl Jam Toronto, Canada  9-11-2011
Photo credit: Karen Loria
Rolling Stone Readers have voted on their choices for the top ten Pearl Jam songs of all time.
Pearl Jam have spent the past few months looking back at their 20-year career, so it seemed like a good time to ask our readers about their favorite songs by the band. Turns out you guys really dig their first three albums. Only one song in our top 10 here was released after 1994's Vitalogy – and that came out just four years later on Yield.
What made the cut?

1. Black
2. Alive
3. Yellow Ledbetter
4. Jeremy
5. Given To Fly
6. Rearviewmirror
7. Even Flow
8. State of Love and Trust
9. Better Man
10. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town