Friday, September 9, 2011

A Film You Simply Don't Want To End

The first review of Pearl Jam Twenty from the Toronto International Film Festival is in.

James Marsh of has the first review of PJ20 to cross my RSS Feed, and friends, I like where this is going.
For a band whose outspoken attitude towards the industry has ruffled plenty of feathers over the years, the band members come across as open, honest and surprisingly humble. You will believe that these guys, now well into their 40s, can take or leave their success at any time, provided they still have their instruments and are allowed the opportunity to play. Not that you would want them to quit. PEARL JAM TWENTY is a film you simply don't want to end, a film that has cherry picked the finest live renditions of so many excellent songs and edited them together into a sublime celebration of rock music done right. PEARL JAM TWENTY treats you to many of their very best performances (and even a few of their worst just for good measure). If Pearl Jam were never to play another note Crowe's film would serve as the perfect eulogy to a band that seems more important than ever. More than anything, however, PEARL JAM TWENTY will send you racing home to crank "Ten" up as loud as it will go and thrash the night away, wishing you were young again and still had hair down to your nipples.