Thursday, September 1, 2011

So, You're Not Going to Make It to Wisconsin

For whatever reason, maybe your cat got sick.  Maybe you have to go to a wedding (Sorry, Jed).  Maybe you blew all your cash on expensive boxed sets.  Regardless ... now what?  I mean, webcasts and radio broadcasts are but whisps of rumors, and Ten Club Manager has all but threatened to taze fans who try to tweet, take pictures, or text a setlist.  How are we going to survive without a pavilion seat for the most epic show in Pearl Jam history?

Fear not!  There is a lot happening to keep you jacked up on a heavy dosage of PJ20 all weekend!  You just need to know where to go!


With so many resources dedicated to making a festival happen, it's unlikely that Pearl Jam will devote considerable resources to those of us unlucky enough to be at home this weekend, but watch their Facebook and Twitter pages closely.  Also, with Mike tweeting regularly from the road on the way to PJ20, we can probably expect to hear from him on his Tumblr.  

Lastly, keep your ear on Pearl Jam Radio (both the website and SiriusXM).  The Rob promises regular reports and updates from Alpine Valley.


All three editors of TwoFeetThick will be in East Troy.  They're known for rushing back to the hotel as fast as they can to write blazing reviews of all things Pearl Jam.  They've even added a new staff writer/statistician, so expect serious activity out of them.

Gremmie.Net, known for hooking you up with all manner of live performances, will be in attendance, and for PJ20 Goof and Grem are going to be hooking you up with their Gremmie Wall, a dynamic wall of pictures and videos shared by fans at the show.  Those of you lucky enough to attend PJ20 should save the address in your smart phone (there are also Flickr and YouTube options).

Given to Cast has amped up efforts for this event.  Taking his podcast format to a new level, Mario is planning a live webcast of events at the festival, interviews with fans, and a tour of Pearl Jam Museum and Poster Show.

DirtyFrankDahmr will be at PJ20 on Saturday with a Verizon AND an AT&T phone just to ensure that he can tweet to you about all the brilliant face-melting fun.


Though some sort of DVD or audio bootleg is fairly likely, our chances of hearing this weekend's shows is fairly unlikely.  Someone has set up a USTREAM channel for PJ20, but it's not through legit channels, so don't expect professional filming or for that matter, a cameraman under the pavilion.  Even The Rob, who's hinted at wishes for a live broadcast during the last 10 episodes of All Encompassing Trip via Pearl Jam Radio promises nothing but updates.

There's no official confirmation, but it's possible that All That's Sacred might make a brief return this weekend.  Donny won't be seeing Pearl Jam live until Vancouver, so look for a possible podcast episode where he drowns his sorrow via his collection of bootlegs.


What are we doing?  Well, you can always keep you eyes peeled on our Tour Forum, Twitter feed, and Facebook page.  We'll also filter out some of the amazing news via a PJ20 page available here.

And, of course, keep your browser tuned to all weekend for the latest updates!