Monday, January 2, 2012

The Fretboard Journal to Feature Eddie Vedder

This January, the 24th issue of The Fretboard Journal will be featuring Eddie Vedder.  Here's more from publisher, Jason Verlinde: 
One of the most often asked questions I get from our readers is "what's coming up in your next issue?" Though we like to keep each and every issue of the FJ a surprise -- it's fun to have a magazine that follows no template, covers the entire spectrum of guitars and styles and keeps you on your toes -- I'm happy to spill the beans on a few highlights.

In Fretboard Journal #24 (pre-order here, coming back from our printer in about a week), we have a lengthy interview and photo shoot with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder. We talked to Vedder about the 20th anniversary of his band, his songwriting process, his guitar collection and, of course, ukuleles (he has a stellar ukulele album out now, in case you didn't know). This 18-page feature contains exclusive new photos of Eddie and his gear, too.
Use the pre-order link to get yourself a copy of this collectible issue.